Officially launched today, we are super excited to share with you our new personalised metal greeting cards business - Cardz for Life. Which will run along side aabe creative in the same rainbow workshop in Sunny Wales.

We hope you don't mind us sharing this with you but no-one else knows about it yet - apart from our close family and we need more than our mums to follow us on social media!!

In early October 2021 my Nan turned 90. I wasn't organised enough to buy a special birthday card so I grabbed some of the metal from our workshop, created a design and popped it in the press and made her my first metal keepsake card. It actually came out really really good, my family raved about it, so we thought - shall we turn this into a business!?

So over the last month we have been busy building a brand, designing a huge first range of greetings cardz, and creating an Etsy Shop!

All of our cardz are fully customisable on the front and back, to create a long lasting keepsake gift for family and friends.

We have 60 listings on there already and we have a HUGE amount of ideas for new cardz to add to our collection.
So watch this space!!

Don't worry though, aabe creative will continue as normal - we and our super fun planners aren't going any where - we have lots of ideas for 2022!

So pop over to our new Cardz for Life shop, follow us on social media to support us in our new business and please spread the word if you can.

Anna & Anthony x