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Launch of our brand new My Cleaning Diary

We've recently got into cleaning on a whole new level. I mean our house was always clean but I would dread the thought of the 'BIG' clean on the weekend.

Then one day whilst online I read a post about someone called Mrs Hinch on Instagram, so naturally I had a look for her. At first I was sceptical, but OMG I soon became hooked!! Just like all her followers (hinch army) - over 1 million of them, I started 'hinching' our house, we all did - even Anthony was 'hinching' the cupboards and the fridge!

However not long after, I started to feel like I needed to come up with a cleaning schedule because I was cleaning and sorting here and there, I needed a solid plan. While looking online for ideas I stumbled across The Organised Mum Method, also known as Team TOMM. Team TOMM provided a sound plan to follow and before long my house was becoming super organised, and the best bit was I wasn't cleaning all the time or doing a 'BIG' clean on the weekend. I was cleaning 30 minutes (or less) Monday-Friday. 

Now this is where I started to get a bit anxious, as I needed to get all the cleaning jobs out of my head and down on paper. I found I needed to tweak the TOMM plan a little to fit in with our family and I needed a place to log when and where I was cleaning or organising. This is how our My Cleaning Diary was born. I made sure our diary was compatible with the Team TOMM plan but also work for those who use their own system. 

Our My Cleaning Diary will work for you for 12 months of the year. You can use it to log what you have cleaned as you go or if you have a cleaning routine - you can plan for the week, month or year ahead and tick off your jobs when they are done. So whether you have a set plan or like to just 'hinch' when you're in the mood, our new My Cleaning Diary will help make you and your life super organised. 

You can order your own My Cleaning Diary with a choice of front covers and personalisation direct from our little shop

We hope you like it, 

Anna x



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