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Bye My Lush Planner... for now

Hey there…

We have made the really difficult decision that October will be the last time we sell our My Lush Planner! Which means this book will be discontinued on the 31st October. This wasn’t an easy decision, but with the demands of our little shop and the necessary re-tooling for this book, we were left with no choice but to concentrate more on our current and future ranges… now, the thing is, depending on demand and the direction the wind travels - there is a small chance our My Lush Planner may return some day, somehow in one form or another. But don’t count on it!

As an alternative and replacement to the My Lush Planner, we have launched a brand new book called: My Super Organised Diary. This book has been heavily influenced by the design of our My Lush Planner. So the My Super Organised Diary is just as cute and crammed full of all of the good stuff from our My Lush Planner.

BUY NOW: www.aabecreative.co.uk/products/my-super-organised-diary

So thank you to all our lovely customers that have ever bought our My Lush Planner, we really-really appreciate it :) And, if you still want one for the very last time, then HURRY! There’s only a couple of weeks left before the pre-orders are closed!

PRE-ORDER HERE: www.aabecreative.co.uk/products/my-lush-planner

Best wishes,
Anna and Anthony
aabe creative

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