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Happy New Year 2023

2022 was an up and down year for us/me.

2022 was the year I launched the Flexi Organiser and Flexi range and this is something I am most proud of. I love all the possibilities that come with the Flexi range, so watch this space.

2022 was also the year we struggled the most which led to Anthony having to find a full time job while I led the business on my own. I won’t lie it’s been really hard running aabe creative on my own, it was always me & Anthony from the very beginning in 2015. However it was the best decision we have made this year, and we wish we did it in 2021. Navigating my solo journey with aabe creative has forced me to re-evaluate what I make and sell. You have probably seen me add products and take a bunch away. It’s been trial and error trying to get the perfect balance of what I can and want to make on my own. I don’t think I have finished tweaking quite yet but I am getting there.So what is in store for 2023!? This is something I am working on right now. I have lots of ideas for aabe creative this year. The Christmas break has given me the time to process my thoughts and goals and I will spend most of January getting my business plan into action.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my small business, from the likes, shares, orders and interactions on social media. I feel like I’ve made some lovely online stationery lover friends.

I hope 2023 is a great year for aabe creative and I hope it’s a great year for you too.

Much love,
Anna x

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