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Update from us

Hey everyone.... We wanted to keep you updated with what’s happening here at aabe creative. We are open for business as usual and will continue to run our little business as long as we can during this Covid-19 UK lockdown.

aabe creative is our only income and it supports 2 adults and 2 children. We want you all to know that we are taking social distancing very seriously. We run the business from home - since we moved to West Wales in December 2019 we decided to not have an external workshop any more because we have spare room in our house, so it made more sense to work entirely from home.

We don’t have to drop our mail sacks off at the Post Office, we can drop it at our local Royal Mail depot instead because we have a business account. Which means we leave our mail sacks outside the depot doors and someone will pick it up. We also sometimes give our mail sacks to our postman when he delivers our mail, this means we leave the sacks outside our house before the postman arrives, so fortunately social distancing is super easy for us at the moment.

So we will send out your orders as quickly as possible and hope we can carry on. If this changes, we will update you here and on social media.

We hope you can support us as much as possible during this difficult time. Even a share or tag helps us sooooooo much.

Love to you all,
Anna, Anthony and our two mini aabes xxxx

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