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We donate to Mind

We are very excited to have become a registered donator to the wonderful Mind charity. This means for every sale of our My Thoughtful Diary, we will donate 10% of the sale price to Mind.

Mental health has been in our families lives for a little while now and this year I suffered from a mixture of anxiety and panic attacks. There were times I couldn’t leave the house. So as a stationery lover I felt I needed something to write down all my thoughts, worries and achievements in one diary to stop myself from worrying about everything. I reached out to other fellow sufferers to ask what they would like see in a mood diary and from this our My Thoughtful Diary was born. We were very pleased that lots of people found the diary to be a very helpful resource. We have had lots of lovely 5 star reviews, just like this one:

"Don't think twice about this, buy it! I love this diary. It helps me to make sure I do something for myself each day, and encourages me to see what's happened in my day that's good. As it's a small amount I have to write each day it's easier to fit into my routine. I would encourage anyone dealing with anxiety or depression to get one of these.”

We always felt we wanted to give something back from the success of our My Thoughtful Diary. Myself and Anthony are firm believers in paying it forward, so when we contacted Mind, they were delighted for us to donate.

We’re planning on regularly donating to Mind and we will be posting more details about each of these donations here on our Blog.

If you are suffering with mental health, please pop over to the Mind website or Facebook page, there are lots of lovely resources and useful help available.

Lets all look out for each other ❤️
Anna x

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