My Forget-Me-Not Diary

  • ★ NEW FOR 2018 ★

    For those who experience memory loss or have a tendency to be forgetful or  just want to stay super organised - we have created a very lovely and practical 6 month: My Forget-Me-Not Diary.

    We designed this diary as a helpful tool to easily plan your daily to-do's and organise your daily life. This diary is ideal for all ages, not just the older generation.

    my story

    My Nan suffers with her hearing and sometimes forgets simple dates and appointments. So this is where the idea for the My Forget-Me-Not Diary came from - I wanted a book where my Nan can plan out her day and know exactly when and where she has to be. My Nan loves her new diary and we've already seen how much this diary has helped her remember all the little details.
    Anna xx

    what's inside

    ★ Easily plan your day, meals and remind yourself to stay hydrated
    ★ At the front: Year at a glance
    1 week spread over 2 double-page spreads, Monday to Sunday, with a space to add a week start date or a week number
    ★ Un-dated so the planner can be easily used any time of the year
    ★ Choose either our standard Rainbow Hearts or Blue Hearts covers or choose a cover from our wide range of designs (can also be personalised if you wish)
    ★ Notes section separated by a plain colour card divider (colour coordinated with your front cover choice)

    notes pages

    18 notes pages at the back
    ★ My Contacts
    ★ My Birthdays
    ★ My Health: Medication, vitamins, supplements
    ★ My Memories
    ★ My Scribbles: plain pages

  • ★ Months: 6
    ★ Size: A5
    ★ Pages: 132 (66 sheets)
    ★ Paper: High quality 100gsm
    ★ Daily box dimensions: 129mm(W) x 890mm(H)
    ★ Front cover: Thick glossy card and an extra thick protective plastic cover
    ★ Back cover: Thick white card
    ★ Binding: White wire bind
    ★ Handmade in sunny Wales
    ★ Tweaked & updated: 04.12.17

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