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Hey everyone!

If you’ve been following our social media posts and stories you’ll know that our only remaining vehicle broke down last week and in January our little car (tiny Toyota Aygo) crashed and was written off. Anthony ended up upside down in a field – but luckily walked away unharmed.

So that brings us to this week where we had no car, two kids, two schools and nothing in walking distance here! So we had to buy a new to us car. I’ve always ALWAYS wanted a Fiat 500 – I mean come on, it's sooooo me! I’ve had a picture of one on my dream board for a few years now.

So on our search for a car we was looking at the most cost effective car we could afford, we looked at a range of cars (which is tricky when you live where we do)… the last car we found which was just in our budget (we’re eating beans from now on!!) was a Fiat 500!!! It’s a lush aabe blue!! I’m over the moon, Anthony is too, now we can stop borrowing my parent’s car and finally be able to get about.

So with a car to pay for and a big savings pot to fill to fix our van, PLUS we are super excited about our new wheels, we have decided to roll out a 10% discount across our whole website this weekend! We rarely do a sale so if you want to get some Christmas prezzies under your belt, now’s the time to do it!

10% sale ends midnight on Sunday 3rd October – only available on our website.

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