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All about me...

I’m Anna! I have always loved creating, making and designing. My education has always been surrounded within the art world. During my college days I took Art & Design and later studied Computer Animation (BA & MA) at University. I never imagined during those lessons and lectures all those years ago that one day I would have a rainbow workshop in Sunny West Wales where I would spend my days designing, making and actually selling cute colourful stationery!
When I first started aabe creative I had a part time graphic design job and two very small children, so I made crafts in our spare bedroom. As time progressed I started selling my graphic design services and then in 2015 I made my first wirebound book. My husband, Anthony, even gave up his job to join me which was wonderful. We had a fully-fledged family business, working from home and then a workshop where the kids sometimes chipped in (even though they were little).

Fast forward to 2021 when the business started to change. We brought in many new products to aabe creative during this time including our wall planners and letter box gifts to name just a few. We felt the need to pivot and change to try and find the right market for aabe creative.

In 2022 after a difficult start to the year we decided to change things up again. Anthony found himself a full time job and I am now running aabe creative on my own. As hard as the last year or two has been we are both so excited of where aabe creative will go next. I am loving taking the lead with the business. I am enrolling myself into a variety of courses to help me run aabe and I am so so excited about what I want to create and bring to the shop over the coming months.

July 2022 I brought out the Flexi Organiser which I am so excited about. This is the first time I have ever moved away from wirebound books. The possibilities with this ring bound organiser is endless. The list of Flexi Refills I have to create is so long and I can’t wait to design them all!

March 2023 I brought out the Flexi Wow Box which has been a great success so far. I am in my element designing all the parts to go in the box and look forward to sending them out each month.

Even though I run aabe creative on my own now, this is still very much a family business. My daughter has been promoted to chief packer this summer and has helped me pack orders to send out to my lovely customers. My son is in charge of the shredder, even though he’s clogged it a few times! He also sorts the parcels into the correct mail sacks for me. Not forgetting my lovely husband Anthony who when he finishes his day job is always there to hear my new ideas and on weekends is usually found in the workshop tinkering with the website or teaching me how to use it!!

If you have got this far, thank you for reading my story. Take a little look around my little shop and get in touch if you need any help.