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My Happy Home Chart

Hello... The world has gone a little topsy turvy at the moment and after the announcement of the temporary school closures due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we made our children a chart to keep them from being bored all day, that we like to call - My Happy Home Chart. They loved this schedule so much, we felt we wanted to spread some brightly coloured cheer and offer it to you as well.

This chart helps your children visualise the day ahead of them, like a timetable and gives them a little bit of structure without being too strict. The chart can be ticked off when each task has been completed, while encouraging your children to do the Learning time as much as the Play time.

We have also included a simple Weekly tracker to mark the good days, which could be used as a reward incentive.

My Happy Home Chart can also be used if you home-educate or during the school holidays.

This motivational chart can be printed out per day or if you have access to a laminator, you can use it over and over again... and the best bit is it's FREE!!

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Take care of each other and keep smiling,
Anna and Anthony,
aabe creative
Handmade diaries & planners


Fab thank you

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