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International Shipping fees

We've sent out many parcels all over the world in the last year or two and Royal Mail have done a pretty good job at delivering these international parcels. However, very occasionally a few international parcels have got lost at sea! Every time this happens a little bit of aabe sparkle and happiness dimmers :(

A lot of effort goes into making each of our books, we make everyone ourselves so we want you to get your hands on your book as soon as possible. Every time a book goes missing, Royal Mail will only compensate us for the delivery costs, not the item, because our items are handmade.  

Because lost international parcels are becoming more of a thing, we have decided the only way forward is to send all our international orders tracked and signed. This does increase our international shipping costs slightly, but at least this way, less of these parcels will go missing and more of our customers from around the world are getting their hands on our books much faster :)

Thank you to all of our international customers – we hope you understand this small change to our shipping fees.

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