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Our best mood tracking diary

We’ve just added our newest diary to the website. As a sufferer of anxiety, I felt I needed a book to write down my thoughts and feelings so I can keep track of where I am and also to help clear my mind of my worries by writing them down. After speaking to people around me including some of our customers, it surprised me how lots of people are suffering the same way I do. Even the people who seem ‘all together’. So my mission was set and after gaining the valuable input of some of customers, the ‘My Thoughtful Diary’ was born.

So if you are experiencing depression, stress, mood changes or anxiety symptoms this diary may benefit you. This snazzy tool is not only useful as a log, but also works as a daily planner. If you have any doctor or therapist appointments you can take your diary with you which can ease the stress of trying to remember how your week or month has gone.

The best part about the My Thoughtful Diary is gaining a greater understanding about what can help you feel well along with what triggers may spark any negative thoughts or feelings. The diary can also capture your journey through your highs and lows along with your progression.

If you want to get your hands on one click here.

Anna x

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