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Flexi Wow Box is going on a break


 Good day to you all

If you are a Flexi Wow Box customer or have been a Flexi Wow Box customer before please read this blog. I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to but there is some important information in here that I don’t want you to miss.

If you’re not a Flexi Wow Box customer and never have been, please skip the first part but read from the PINK STARS part… or you can read it all – it’s up to you, depends how much time you’ve got I suppose.

Ok here goes:
I have decided to take a little break from the Flexi Wow Boxes...eeek!

I am in full production of April’s box and this will be heading out the door next week so don’t worry. All future subscriptions will be cancelled after this email has been sent, so you subscribers don’t need to do anything.

As I said, I am taking a break – however April might be my last ever box. I am so proud of myself for creating the subscription box, it was a goal of mine to create a stationery subscription box and I have LOVED creating every single one of them. If I could just make Flexi Wow Boxes every month and nothing else, I would, but unfortunately the subscription numbers never grew as much as I would have liked and April’s subscription is my smallest number of subscriptions so far.


With this in mind I am going to open the doors for April’s box to non-subscribers for the first (and maybe last) time, for if anyone that would like to grab the last Flexi Wow Box as a one off purchase. I have a listing on the website which will be available until midnight 31 March. April’s box is Spring themed – flowers, bunnies, pastels and if you own lots of washi tape – then this is the box for you! (Just a note - there will be limited numbers available on the Super-Size Flexi Wow Box.)

I want to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you who has purchased a box. There are some of you who have received every single Flexi Wow Box – I can’t thank you enough.
I’ve loved drawing, illustrating, making – it’s been so much fun! There’s nothing I’ve loved more than getting cosy on the armchair with my Lofi music on drawing on my iPad – If you love all my kawaii drawings I have a Facebook and Instagram account @AnnabannaStudios.

I am hoping to grow this little account and maybe at some point, I may bring out more merch with my designs on… another one to watch this space.

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