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Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well and embracing that fresh lovely autumnal air.

If you saw my last BLOG POST you’ll know that I am slowly adjusting and changing the business slightly to help me run a streamlined happy rainbow service on my own.

My latest change will be to make some adjustments to my wire-bound planners. I have decided to keep the best sellers and say farewell to the others – as I do have a huuuuuge range. Fear not, all of my planners are available as Flexi Refills so they won’t completely disappear.

I am also having a refresh on the covers. I have designed some gorgeous themed covers for all of the wire-bound books I will be selling. I am so sooo excited by these cover designs. There will be four colour choices - pastel Blue, Purple, Yellow & Pink. The My Crimbo Planner will have two - Red or Blue. I hope you love the new designs. I really wanted a range that just screamed the aabe creative brand and I think these really do!! All of the current cover designs will remain as Flexi Dashboards and I will add the new designs to the Flexi Dashboards range too.

These changes will be launched (if all goes to plan) on Sunday 2nd October. If you are planning on making a purchase and have your eye on one of our current planners or covers you have until then to get your hands on them.

Wire-bound planners that will be staying:
My Foody Diary - Diabetes
My Foody Diary - Diet Tracker
My Foody Diary - Slimming World
My Booky Journal
My Camping Diary
My Cleaning Diary
My Crimbo Diary
My Island Planner
My Teacher Planner
My Thoughtful Diary
My Summer Journal

Wire-bound planners that I will be saying goodbye to:
My Foody Diary - Food Planner
My Foody Diary - Weight Watchers
My Foody Diary Lite - Diet Tracker
My Foody Diary Lite - Slimming World
My Book to You
My Budget Tracker
My Exercise Planner
My Garden Planner
My Holibob Planner
My Indie-Biz Planner
My Notey Notebooks
My Stay-Cay_Planner
My Study Planner
My To-Do Planner

Remember - all of these planner pages and more are available as Flexi Refills


New dashboards!
Brace yourself for a new order from me!!!

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